Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An Ironic story...

I just remembered an extremely ironic story that may have decided whether S.A.S.F. was made.

While I was mid-way through S.A.S.F. 1 I thought that what I was doing was idiotic and time wasting. So I just started roaming the forums posting in random threads. But when I was about to post in a halo 3 thread it said I was blacklisted by Froman for double posting! Now I Don't remember double posting but it didn't surprise me the least. So with nothing but a seven day ban I decided to forge a halo 3 map on Sandtrap. When I go to load the empty map I saw it. S.A.S.F. And so for the next 7 days I worked and finished S.A.S.F. 1.....

..And that my friends is how Froman saved S.A.S.F....

~I went to see finding charlie....All I found as Mr. Milks~

Ultimus Ultimate SS montage

I posted my first screenshot montage up on YouTube. It just contains random pictures, but are worth the while, the next screenshot montage will be dedicated to Sierra 117. (In case you don't notice the first 8 or so will be dedicated to the campain levels, exept for number 7, I'm saving that slot) I should have a new one out every Sunday or Monday.

Ultimus Ultimate SS montage

~p.s. uhh.. got to go~

Monday, October 13, 2008

S.A.S.F. act 3 trailer no. 1

Here's a extremely hazy trailer involving S.A.S.F. 3. The voice over may be crappy but hey, at least it explains the story. Uh...yeah...that's about it...

S.A.S.F. 3 trailer no. 1

~p.s. I lit the script on fire~