Saturday, March 28, 2009

Info on S.A.S.F. new symbols and other things.

Instead of posting the new symbols here I decided to make a video showing the new symbols and saying other things.

Infovid linky

Info not included in the video:

About S.A.S.F. 3

I will make a new trailer for S.A.S.F. 3 since the first one was kinda crappy. After that I' will make the real thing. I didn't get the mythic map pack early because when I went to the store they only had one Halo Wars:LCE left and it was preordered.

About future machinimas

After getting the hang of recording and editing and such I'll start making actual machinimas. The first will be called Triple Threat, a comedy machinima about three guys stuck on a outpost on Rast Nest. There will be a idiot, and tough guy, and a complaining elite. Later on I will start a more serious machinima called Extermination but I won't say anything about it right now.

New symbol

For those who didn't want to see the vid here are the new symbols
My co-producer's Eastgate's symbol
The 'Other' symbol for when I make a machinima inspired by one of my friends.

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