Sunday, March 15, 2009

New symbol and other info

I'm back with a new update!

I've decided to create a new symbol actually there will be three. There will be my symbol, my co-machinima makers symbol, and a symbol for the community, if we ever need help thinking up of machinimas. So far I only have my symbol, I plan on having the community symbol up by the end of the day, and I should get the concept for my co-machinima maker's symbol sometime later today after he takes some scarab screenshots for the mythic contest. Wait I forgot to say earlier that I wasn't able to get the mythic map pack a couple of days ago didn't I? Well here's the story;

I went to go get the limited edition Halo Wars the day AFTER it released (don't ask) only to find that they had one copy left and it was reserved! I was extremely surprised since last I checked there weren't that many many people with 360's in my hometown (guess I was wrong...meh). So now I'm hoping that one of my screenshots gets on bungie's shortlist...

Hopefully I'll get the mythic map pack on monday so that way I'll have more time to work on S.A.S.F. (spring break and all). Untill then here's the new symbol.

Ain't it a beaut! This is only my first concept for it and it MAY change but most likely will not.

Well since that's all here are some screenshots that I hope bungie picks

Hold RB to...

Green array...

Eat the missile!

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