Tuesday, April 28, 2009

S.A.S.F. 3 and U.S.S.F. trailer

Since I uploaded these two trailers simultaneously I decided to put them in the same update. If you've been following me on twitter then you would have known I finished the trailers yesterday but I decided to upload them today.

The first is the S.A.S.F. 3 trailer. It basically shows the new battleground and opens up a big plot hole. Which I plan on filling with..maybe manure....

The second trailer is called U.S.S.F. which stands for Ultimate Soldier Simulator Facility. And looks very similar to the S.A.S.F. 3. If your to dumb to connect the dots then let me do that for you. U.S.S.F. and S.A.S.F. ARE connected (just clear the haze). I will let story explain itself for now.

~p.s. I "misplaced" your scarab collection~

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