Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Triple Threat Pilot episode

After weeks of waiting it's FINALLY up! This was suppose to be done weeks ago but because my old co-producer is would do diddly crud I decided to look for help else were. Note the video is primarily made for humor, if it seems ridiculous then laugh, laugh hard.

Triple Threat Pilot Ep.


Originally Triple Threat was suppose to be on Rat's Nest and each character was suppose to get there own episode of how they got there but I figured that would have just been too complicated and decided to put all there arrivals in one episode. The video would have had better quality but this was the first time I used Pinnacle Studios to edit a video. Future videos will have better quality. Also the opening scene will be due to change since I just need something quick and this seemed good enough. After the 1st actual episode I will release a short bio on each of the main characters.

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